Choose interior glass panelling for multiple applications

The beauty, simplicity and durability of Chromatics safety glass makes it ideally suited to a range of interior applications, particularly for public spaces or high-traffic areas where safety and strength are essential.

Chromatics glass is highly impact resistant and shatterproof, and has achieved the highest possible fire rating for its product type. With safety and durability a given, Chromatics glass excels in its design versatility. High-definition printing and exact color matching create vibrant, UV-resistant feature panels that will bring any interior to life. What’s more, Chromatics glass is completely smooth, non-porous and easy to clean, making it a hygienic and practical choice for a wide range of uses in washrooms, kitchens and laboratories. Chromatics can withstand vibration and flexing too, enabling it to be specified for escalators, lift cars, ships and trains.

Interior wall linings


Chromatics glass balustrades are a simple, safe and robust way to add color and interest to any internal balcony, staircase or mezzanine floor.

Glass wall panelling offers a smooth, hygienic cladding option for any interior space, from commercial kitchens or washrooms to meeting rooms and reception areas.

Feature Panels

Create feature walls or statement panels with Chromatics glass, adding interest and elegance to any interior, from hotel lobbies and restaurants to shopping malls and galleries.

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