Create Any Interior Look with Decorative Glass Panels

Chromatics glass wall lining creates a smooth, hygienic surface that is an attractive way to clad any interior space, from commercial kitchens or washrooms to meeting rooms and reception areas.

Simple Ways to Transform Your Interiors

By printing any colour, logo or image onto your interior wall linings we can create decorative glass panels that promote your brand or enhance your interior. Brickwork, stonework, stainless steel or any other imagery can be printed in vivid high definition to create a specific look.

Hygienic Glass Wall Linings for Kitchens and Bathrooms

The smooth, reflective Chromatics glass panels are bacteria resistant and hygienic, making them ideal for kitchen or washroom environments. Glass wall linings from Chromatics also offer complete safety assurance, since they are shatterproof, impact resistant and A2 fire rated. That means you can rely on Chromatics decorative glass panels to safeguard your people, property and assets.

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