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    A Superior Colored Safety Glass for Exterior and Interior Applications.

  • Uniquely Bonded Color Coating with Aluminum Backing Applied to Annealed Glass.

  • A2 Fire-Rated

  • Extreme Strength and Durability

  • Lightweight

  • Vivid Colors, High-Definition Images or Designs.

  • Stockable - Can be Cut and Edge Worked

WHY CHOOSE Chromatics Safety Glass ?

Chromatics is the only Safety Glass with an A2 Fire Certification, making it ideal for use on structures where Safety and Security are paramount. Unlike toughened glass, Chromatics panels can be Cut, Drilled or Edge-Worked from stock – reducing lead times and costs on any project.

The panels are blast resistant and shatterproof, for complete safety assurance.

They are also lighter than typical toughened glass solutions, (which may need to be laminated), and other alternative claddings, making them Simpler, Faster and Cheaper to install.


Chromatics panels can be Digitally Printed with any standard or corporate color, or with any image or a mirror finish.

Our panels give an Unrivalled Depth of Color and a True Color Match. The Colored (or printed) Layer Behind the Glass is Protected from Scratching or Damage, and is UV Resistant to Prevent Fading or Discoloring.


Uniquely Laminated Glass Panels

Game-Changing Innovation In Safety Glass

Chromatics developed its unique fire-resistant safety glass following extensive research and development. The result is a safety glass that is unique in the market and offers significant benefits over conventional toughened, tempered and laminated glass.

The glass was developed from a laminated mirror product, which comprised a thin glass veneer on a supporting board. Through testing and development, the product was adapted and refined to create Chromatics Safety Glass (Chromatics).

Chromatics Patented Process

The unique Chromatics thermal process uses aluminum foil over color or mirror coatings on annealed glass to form the world's first shatterproof, durable safety glass that is both optically flat and thermally safe. It is a impact-resistant safety glass that can be cut, edge-worked and drilled after processing and in 2018, Chromatics achieved the A2* fire certification – the highest rating possible for a laminate or composite product.

Proven Performance

Fire-Resistant Cladding to Curtain Walling

In the 30 years since its development, Chromatics laminated glass panels have proved to be a safe and attractive material for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. These range from fire-resistant cladding, curtain walling and signage to balustrades, spandrels and rainscreen cladding.

Perfectly Manufactured

Chromatics safety glass is produced on a modern, fully automated plant built and operated by Klöpper Maschinentechnik of Dortmund Germany, renowned manufacturers of glass manufacturing equipment for more than 80 years.

Ongoing Innovation And Development

The innovators at Chromatics continue to develop and refine the product. Its combination of color, strength and resilience provides an attractive, safe and cost-effective solution for an ever-expanding range of applications.



Unique, High-Performance Safety Glass Cladding

Chromatics safety glass comprises a unique color coating with an aluminum backing applied to annealed glass. It is impact resistant and A2 fire-rated, offering extreme strength, safety and durability for the most challenging applications. Chromatics panels can be printed with any color or image, producing an exceptional depth of color and a true color match.


The Chromatics process can be applied to many glasses and mirrors, including clear float, low iron, solar reflective, body tinted, self-cleaning, rolled patterned, fire-resistant and other reflective glass substrates. The process transforms these glasses into BSEN certified safety glass.


Chromatics non-combustible glass cladding can be cut to any size or shape from stock, making it versatile and cost-effective. It's light weight also makes it very economical and easy to install.

If you need complete reassurance in the integrity, safety and fire-resistance of your cladding product, Chromatics glass should be your material of choice.




Chromatics glass stands out from the competition because of it's unrivalled design versatility and quality. Any color, image or design can be printed in high definition behind the clear glass panel, providing a depth and clarity of color that no other safety glass can match. Add to this its light weight and ease of cutting and fitting, and you have the ultimate aesthetically stunning, affordable safety glass for any exterior application.


The beauty, simplicity and durability of Chromatics glass makes it ideally suited to a range of interior applications, particularly for public spaces or high-traffic areas where safety and strength are essential. Chromatics glass is highly impact resistant and shatterproof, and has achieved the highest possible fire rating for its product type. With safety and durability a given, Chromatics glass excels in its design versatility.


If you need to create a branded shop interior, or create eye-catching feature panels to promote products or services in store, Chromatics decorative glass paneling is the perfect solution. The quality of high-definition printing on Chromatics glass panels offers exceptional clarity and depth of color, showcasing your brand or products to best effect.




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